Angra with History
1427-39 The Azores islands are discovered.
1474 João Vaz Corte-Real is appointed the first grantee of the captaincy and Alvaro Martins Creek Man starts Renaissance architectural remodeling of the Village.
Paulo da Gama in 1499, returning with his brother Vasco's voyage of discovery of sea route to India, dies and is buried in Angra.
1534 Creek city is made by D. John III and Pope Paul III establishes the Bishop of Angra and Azores Islands.
1580 The hosts of D. António Prior do Crato repel the Armada of Philip II of Spain.
Angra - The capital of Portugal
1580-1583 Creek is proclaimed seat of government of the country
1582 D. Antonio Creek is acclaimed as the King of Portugal.
1583 The city is finally conquered by the Spaniards.
1642 D. John IV gives the city the title of "Most Noble and Ever Loyal ', achieved the surrender of the Spaniards.
D. 1669-1674 Alfonso VI is imprisoned in the Castle of St. John the Baptist.
1766 Marques de Pombal in Angra install the seat of the Captaincy-General of the Azores, the political government, civil and military.
1821 The Liberal Constitution is sworn in Angra.
Angra - The capital of Portugal - for the 2nd time
1828 Creek hosts a liberal revolution for the rights of D. Pedro IV, acclaimed Queen Maria II and vowed the Constitutional Charter. The Board declares Interim Terceira only seat of legitimate government.
1828-1829 Creek is home to the Interim Board and constitutional capital of the kingdom.
1829-1832 Installs in Regency Cove is the Kingdom, headed by the Marquis of Palmela and D. Maria II gave the city the Grand Cross of the Tower and Sword and the title of "Very Noble and Ever Loyal City of Constant Creek Heroism '.
Angra - World Heritage
1983 UNESCO makes the Central Zone of Angra Heroism in the first Portuguese and site inscribed on World Heritage List for being directly and materially associated with an event that has a historical significance: The Maritime Discovery which allowed trade between the great civilizations of the planet.

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